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Wolfie and his siblings were rescued on December 17th, 2017 from an alley in Downtown Los Angeles in the Skid Row Area. They were all malnourished, dehydrated, hypothermic, and weak. Wolfie also has unique physical features unlike his siblings. He has a permanent overbite causing him to "smile". He also blinks with his third eyelids!


During the first week in the rescue, Foxy, Wolfie's sister, started to thrive under foster care. Unfortunately, Wolfie continued to decline. He lost weight, struggled to maintain normal body temperature, and vomited most meals. After an xray was performed, it was discovered his esophagus was fully obstructed by food debris that had been unable to pass through to the stomach.

Wolfie was brought immediately to an ER Veterinary clinic where they performed an endoscopy and flushed the food debris from his esophagus. His esophagus was also discovered to be severely kinked and too small to allow solid food to pass. Euthanasia was originally recommended by the ER vets. However, the rescue asked if it was possible for him to survive and thrive on a liquid diet. They were given strict instructions to feed him kitten milk every 2 hours, hold him upright after every meal, and keep him on a heating pad at all times. Volunteers cared for Wolfie around the clock!

Following these new instructions, Wolfie started to thrive. He went from 13oz to 1lb! Then 2lbs! Now he is nearly 9lbs! Wolfie is thriving entirely on a blended mixture of kitten milk and veterinary prescription Critical Nutrition food. He is spunky, healthy, happy, and showing the world that anything is possible!

Wolfie's esophagus is no longer kinked nor is it too small to pass food safely. However, during a recent new edoscopy, the vet found that it violent constricts and rolls constantly even while under anesthesia. With this new discovery, it is recommended to maintain a liquid diet until treatment can be found. Wolfie was adopted by the rescue's owner and his foster Jacqueline and he's now the mascot! He is our smol but tuff boi proving to everyone, that all animals--even those with special needs--matter.

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