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Be sure to visit our amazing rescue partners!

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For more information about fostering, adopting, or our rescue please fill out the contact form below!

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Please keep in mind we DO NOT have a rescue facility. All animals within our rescue are housed in individual volunteer foster homes. Without open foster homes, we may be unable to take your pet. We receive anywhere from 5-20+ emailed pleas every week from those seeking rescue. Unfortunately, we do not have the funds, fosters, or manpower to take in unlimited number of animals per year.


We may, however, be able to help network your pet for a forever home or rescue placement if we have the time and resources to do so. This is not an immediate solution to your needs. This will take time and we ask for all those who contact us to please try to remain patient, respectful, and understanding that it is not our responsibility to find placement for your pet. We WILL however, do our best.


In the meantime, please utilize the following options. Try facebook groups such as “LA Underground Cat Network”, “Furbabies Rescue Club”, and local facebook groups for your area. You can also use Nextdoor,com (this also comes in an app version). Be sure to include several pictures and videos along with a bio about your pet! You can also use this safe rehoming website:



Please note: We do not trap & relocate feral cat colonies. If you are looking for TNR services, we can direct you to local TNR groups near your location. If we do consider taking your pet into our rescue, we do ask you test your kitty for FIV/Felv and provide proof of those results. Please fill out the following surrender form:

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